Our Story



 Our Thoughts


Redefine Your Mind is a mind shift. A call for one to look within to re-examine past decisions, and evaluate current choices that move us forward. We believe that everything in life progresses. However, one either gets progressively better, or progressively worse. But we all progress. And it starts with a thought.

We chose the name to provoke thought. Because thoughts become words and actions. It is at the core of activism - social justice. Justice for our enviornmental mother, Earth. Justice for disenfranchised youth who don't have access to the information that will help them become more compassionate, healthier citizens. Justice for worker welfare, such as in the almond, and fashion industries. Justice for the animals, and putting an end to the horrors of abuse and murder within factory farms. 

There are many paths of activism, which intersect at various points. We have consciously chosen fashion as a platform to spread the message of compassion for all beings.

The Brand Mission

Redefine Your Mind's mission is to create sustainable fashions for men and women that celebrate the vegan lifestyle. While we do not currently have our own manufacturing house, we take painstaking measures to ensure that the manufacturing businesses we collaborate with practice integrity in it's textiles sourcing; as well as demonstrate the highest ethical standards of worker welfare.

Our Fabrics of Choice


Hemp fashion isn't on the way; it has arrived. Gone are the days of coarse, scratchy material that only an ancestor would love. Hemp is widely considered the wonder plant of our mother, Earth.  Hemp's greatest accomplishment in the textile industry is it's natural ability to provide thermoregulating properties. The material can, and will, keep you cool in the warmer months; while also provide the layering effect of warmth during the colder seasons. 

 Once you begin washing it, it becomes softer and softer, while keeping it's 'body' and structure. In short: Your garment will not wear out over time; it wears "in". Hemp has also been shown to be able to absorb nearly 20% moisture, while continuing to give you the feeling of being dry. This is especially important, considering that many synthetic materials hold moisture, which means odor producing sweat and perspiration. 

The antifungal and antibacterial material also is champion for people with sensitive skin, or susceptible to rashes, as one would have less to worry about because of the moisture wicking abilities. In addition to the wonders detailed above, hemp:

  •  has no micro-plastics
  •  is resistant to uv light
  •  is fully biodegradable and compostable
  •  will retain it's production shape and 'body'
  •  uses less water than any other textile producing plant

Organic Cotton:

While all of the aforementioned about the wonder plant called hemp are true, fashion industries - particularly in the United States - have become accustomed to cotton made clothing. We are joining the many organizations and agencies that are educating the public about hemp. In the meantime, we have found what we would call a happy medium in sourcing organic cotton as a blend for many of our garment creations.

 Organic cotton, which is different than general cotton, is farmed, cultivated, and produced into garments without the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Our choice to only use cotton sourced through organic methods helps us ensure that we stay true to our mission of saving our mother, Earth, from the harm caused by man-made substances that contaminate the soil; thus, ruining other crops - while also poisoning other life forms that depend upon that source. 

And one doesn't have to be allergic to chemical infused textiles to say "No". One only need remember that our home is in grave danger of perishing many of the life forms we know - including ourselves, if we don't start to practice enviornmental safety in manufacturing. Only cotton sources that fully guarantee GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standard] goods will be used by our brand.

Recycled Polyester:

Polyester, while being lauded for it's strength, wrinkle-free capabilities, and non absorbent wicking, is detrimental to our oceans, and the many sentient life forms that inhabit the waters. Micro plastics are now known to be released whenever the material is washed, which, over time, pollutes the waters.

We decided that the best way to go about our business is to steer clear of using the material as much as possible. To that end, we only currently have it on our mesh trucker ball caps - and we are earnestly working towards more suitable fabrics.